No More Blurry Vision

Style Site Opticians produces the best eyeglasses, period.  Our personalized lenses assure your optimized vision, using the most advanced digital technology currently available. We offer a wide selection of lens designs and materials to make your vision crystal clear.

Single Vision Lenses:
Single Vision HD 
A single vision high definition lens for wide crisp vision
Single Vision Wrap
Available in both HD and conventional designs, our lenses can accomodate any sports frame
Style Site Custom Fit HD
The SSE HD --- Our premium HD progressive lenses are customized to give you 
                                precise distance vision and improved comfort when reading. These lenses are                                           individually crafted to your measurements by our professional fitting staff
The SS HD --- A digitally surfaced progressive lens designed to provide useres with performance that                               is more precise than a traditional progressive
In addition to our Style Site Custom Fit HD lenses, we also offer lens designs from Varilux, Kodak, & Zeiss


Treatments & Coatings


Transitions Lenses --- Darken in the sun with full UV protection, and even darken in your car


Polarized Lenses --- Glare free relaxed vision for driving and outdoor wear 


Anti Glare --- Reduces the reflections off both sides of the lens also available with blue light prevention


Scratch Coating --- Helps to keep your lenses looking newer longer


Tints --- Whether a solid color, or a gradient our lenses can be dyed to any color you want.  


Mirror Coating --- A flash coating of reflectiveness available in a variety of colors